Also known as “near-sightedness”.Myopia is an optical defect caused by “excessive” length between cornea and retina in relation to the eyes refractive power. In this condion the image is formed before retina which causes myopes to have unclear distant vision. The higher the degree of myopia, the closer is the distance of patients clear vision.

Myopia can be corrected by concave (negative) lenses – the lenses that are thin in the center and thick at the edges. They are designed to move the focus of the image back to retina and therefore ensure correct vision.

The higher the diopters, thicker the lenses at the edges which is unattractive and uncomfortable and also reduces the possibilty of options for the corrective frame.

For higher powers we recommend high index lenses which have reduced edge thickness. This solution contributes to the aesthetics of the glasses, reduces their weight and provides perfect vision.

Frequent solution for myopes as a supplemental or alternative option is given by soft or hard (rgp) contact lenses, also available for astigmatic patients. Their selection is limited by the type or quantity of ametropia (vision problem), the quality of eye tears and also by desires of the patient.

For presbyopes with myopia who demand clear vision on all distances we recommend progressive lenses (ophtalmic and contact). They correct myopia and provide clear vision on different distances: close, distant and intermediate.