Also called “far-sightedness”.

The cause of hyperopia is "short eye", or, more precisely, the fact that the distance between cornea and retina is shorter than the focal of the eyes refractive power. Therefore, the image is formed behind the retina. That means that hyperopes often see distant objects better than those located close to the eyes. Patient can obtain clear vision by forcing the eyes accomodative power which can lead to tiredness and tension.

Hyperopia is corrected with convergent lenses which are thick in the center and thin at the edges. These lenses are called positive lenses. They are designed to move the image back to the retina and therefore improve the distance or near vision, based on the entity of hyperopia.

The higher the diopter, the corrective lenses are thicker in the center and also heavier.

As a solution for hyperopia, we recommend the use of aspheric geometries for lenses as well as hi-index lenses for higher diopters. These lenses are flatter, lighter and thinner in the center. Also, it is important to choose an adequate frame which will visually “hide” the lens thickness and make your glasses lighter and more comfortable to wear. The days of thich and heavy lenses are gone – you will wear your glasses with satisfaction.

For hyperopes and presbyopes we recommend progressive or office lenses (combined near and intermediate correction). They correct hyperopia and allow all activities by providing perfect vision on all distances.