Astigmatism is an optical defect mostly caused by the irregular curvature of cornea and/or lens. Therefore the shape of cornea is more toric and less spheric.

The patients with astigmatism have unprecise near and distant vision. Their peripheric vision is not clear and they are not able to tell the shapes or details and/or can not perceive the contrast between horizontal, vertical or curved lines. The astigmatism of +/-0.50 dpt can be a cause of frequent headaches, eye tearing and tiredness and the patient can still have sharp vision.

Astigmatism can be combined with other vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia and presbyopia.

It is common with children and can have negative effect on success in school because it can cause confusion between numbers and letters.

Astigmatism is corrected with toric/cylindric lenses (lenses that have different curvatures and edge thickness). These lenses are designed to compensate the “defect” of the cornea and to correct the axis of astigmatism. The higher the astigmatism, the higher the difference between the thickness of the lens edges.

Solutions for astigmatism

As a solution for astigmatism, Oculto recommends light and flat corrective ophtalmic lenses. The days of heavy lenses are gone – you will wear your glasses with satisfaction.

For weak and medium astigmatism:

• 1.5 index lenses

• 1.56 index lenses

• 1.6 ashperic lenses

For high astigmatism:

• 1.67 aspheric hi index lenses

For astigmatics with presbyopia:

The best solution for your problem are progressive lenses. They correct the astigmatism and allow the clear vision an all distances.