Presbyopia is not a true anomaly of vision but rather a natural, physiological process of "ageing" of the eyes.

During time the eye lens looses its elasticity and therefore the ability to change its curvature and refractive power which causes discomfort when focusing near distance objects. The effect of this change can generally be felt after 40 years of age and depends on different factors (genetics, the presence of anomalies of vision, profession, lifestyle). Like camera out of focus, the eye can not focus objects correctly. For emmetropic presbyopes (persons who do not have distance vision problems) or ametropic presbyopes who have their distance vision corrected the problem of near vision appears and it needs to be corrected by wearing appropriate corrective lenses. Solutions for presbyopia

The progressive lenses are optimal solution for presbyopia. Varilux lenses are designed to bring clear vision on all distances without changing the glasses. The upper part of the lens is designed for distance vision, the central part corrects the mid-distance and the lower part serves for near vision.

Besides the progressive lenses, it is possbile to correct both distances (far and near) by wearing bifocal lenses or single vision lenses through separate pairs of eyeglasses.