Children's vision

Childrens health is the most precious treasure of every parent. Do we take enough care, are we taking all the aspects into consideration?

Based on ophalmologists experience we can give following advice for good health of young patients:

• First eye exam with the ophtalmologist is recommended before 3 years of age,

• If there is high coincidence of myopia or hyperopia, diabetes or hereditary eye pathologies in the family, exam with the ophtalmologist is highly recommended.

Since the first years of life are extremely important for healthy eyesight development, the parents have big responsibility for the protection of eye health of their children. By correct and timed diagnosis it is possible to treat correctly and with good prediction many eyesight problems and therefore avoid eyeglasses wear in mature years or even more so avoid more complex problems.

If we are urging our children to wear eyeglasses they dont like (due to thick or heavy lenses or incorrect frame) or if they dont see well with them, the children will perceive wearing glasses as a trauma instead as a solution to their vision problems.

This way your child can play undisturbed and relaxed because he/she does not need to worry about eye health issues any more.

Besides safety of the lens and adequate choice of material we should not neglect the necessary protection of lens surface. This way the glasses of your child will be resistant to dirt, scratches, water, dust, reflection and easier to clean. That is why we recommend multilayer antireflex coating as well as antiscratch coating and antifog coating.