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"I have an idea"


In July, 2007 a group of young, educated professionals with a decade of professional background in the sector of opticals has decided to present their hometown with a different place for relations with clients in need of eyeglasses - it was a birth of Studio Optika Oculto. Located in the city center, just a few steps from the main city street Studio Optika Oculto offers a different approach to the world of eye optics by providing a relaxed and comfortable shopping experience. Fed up by the limited choice, overall massification and lack of care for the client's needs, we have set ourselves an ambition to offer something new, individual, different, more valuable and better in terms of quality and convenience for those in search for the right solution of their vision problems.

"Of course we can!"


Our desire drives us to constantly learn how to find a perfect way to always offer more. Our clients have recognized our care for details and awarded us with their trust and thus gave us the reason not to stop caring aftersale. The clients of Studio Optika Oculto are modern protagonists of a new communication, each of them with a special way of being and expressing, all unified by a common statement of style and creativity, unique and surprising representatives of heterogenous composition of contemporary society.


Prescription glasses

The wearing of corrective prescription eyeglasses used to be considered a handicap and difficulty, due to a lack of vast and aesthetically pleasing selection of precription frames. As time passed, the idea of importance of glasses has changed and gained recognition for two reasons: glasses are irreplaceable work tool for those who need them but also an accessoire that serves as expression of style and fashion. It is no coincidence that all important fashion designers of our days have already created a collection of prescription frames and sunglasses. Wearing glasses nowadays is trendy and hip and by no means a limitation. They are worn to see but also to be seen!



Glamorous, mysterious, irresistible and always in focus – the sunglasses! Besides being an inevitable fashion accesoire which enriches your appearance and expresses your style, nowadays sunglasses are more than just a shade of glance: the currently damaged ozone layer is no longer an adequate shield against harmful UV- rays and our eyes require additional protection. Without protective sunglasses, the eye tissue is risking a dangerous and permanent damage. The protection has never been so attractive and cool as today!


Contact lenses

For those persons who have difficulty to accept the fact they need to wear a vision correction or for those active, dynamic persons whose activities are limited by wearing prescription frames, the correction of visual anomaly by wearing contact lenses represents the best solution. High-tech, biocompatible materials used for production of contact lenses and liquids today ensure maximum in terms of eye health and offers a benefit of ultimate comfort and practicality to a wearer. Combine them with aesthetics and you get an eyesight that does not accept limitations!


Advicing and consultation

Our technical preparation, modern ambulatory/ laboratory and multiannual experience in solution-finding are at your service. If you have problems with your eyesight, feel free to speak to our team and to schedule a free examination. We also invite you to consult our professionals for all inquiries regarding your eyesight, glasses, contact lenses and their maintenance and others related to the good health of your eyes. Remember: even a genius asks his questions!

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Children's vision

Our team

Danin Alimanović
Senjin Alimanović
Azra Faić
Emin Salan
Danijela Buhač

Danin Alimanović

Optician/Optometrist and Oculto co-founder with over two decades of work experience in optical business. Danin's commitment and attention to details have gained him a cult status among the clients of Oculto who come and visit him very often when shopping for glasses. Trivia – Danin was a TV celebrity and you might have seen him on the billboard ads.

Senjin Alimanović

Optician/Optometrist with the longest working experience as optician. After education and many years of professional engagement in optical stores of Italy and Bosnia, together with his brother Danin co-founds Oculto. Senjin deals with the technical part of optician's work because that's what he is passionate about. He likes travelling, children and motorcycles.

Azra Faić

Azra is an optician with a long career in customer care. Her clients appreciate the attention and dedication she shows when styling the clients' glasses to fit the character, profession or even skin tone of the person who wears them! She is often photographed with the glasses of the new collections that are then sold immediately! She is crazy for cats and tattoos.

Emin Salan

Emin is Oculto's favorite front face! Loved by the female clientele and followed by many fashion cats alike, Emin's patience and particular approach will break the hardest nuts when shopping for eyewear! Did you know that Emin started his career as a hair stylist and that he uses hairdresser's tricks when he styles his eyewear clients?

Danijela Buhač

Danijela is an optician who's in love with eyewear because she wears glasses herself. She considers eyewear a very important part of one's style. Her painfully honest advice will sometimes hurt but that's what her clients like her for. She misses the UK where she studied and finds it difficult to stay in one place for a long time.


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